Keystone - The Craft of Great Hospitality


Key: * Vegetarian † Gluten Free ‡ Dairy Free (on request)

Crinkle-Cut Fries * † ‡ 8
Hot crinkle-cut fries seasoned with sage salt served with aioli
Bruschetta † 14
Prosciutto, goat’s cheese and fig jam on ciabatta
Garlic Bread * 9
Freshly baked ciabatta pull-apart infused with garlic, sage and mozzarella butter
Mixed Olives * † ‡6
Roasted Kalamata olives, green Sicilian olives and cocktail onions
Soft Chicken Taco 6
Crispy chicken pieces, slaw, sweet paprika mayo and chilli jam in a soft taco shell
Blue Cheese Pâté * †13
Kikorangi blue cheese pâté, roasted walnuts, maple syrup with ciabatta
Salmon Ceviche ‡14
Fresh New Zealand salmon marinated in lime and mint and served with crispy flat breads
Seared Tuna Carpaccio † ‡16
Rolled in a sweet sesame paste and served with Japanese ginger dressing
Duck Liver Parfait †13
Locally grown duck liver parfait, green apple jelly and toast
Edamame Beans * † ‡7
Tossed in a flaky chilli sea salt
Kansas City Ribs † ‡14
Twice cooked pork ribs dipped in a sticky Kansas City BBQ sauce with slaw
Smoked Fish Croquette12
Panko crumbed smoked hoki and leek croquette with caper and dill mayo
Beef Rendang † ‡16
Malaysian beef and coconut curry, sour cucumber and red onion salad
Wagyu Beef Sliders 12add fries 3
Three Wagyu beef patties in soft sweet buns, served with chilli jam and cheddar cheese
Caramel Pork †14
Crispy pork belly with orange caramel and fennel créme
Crispy Fried Chicken 14
Crispy fried chicken pieces with blackened chilli and coriander mayo
Patatas Bravas * † ‡ 8
Crispy potato cubes tossed in aioli and red pepper sauce
Mussel Pot † ‡ 14add fries 3
A dozen green lipped Pacific mussels in lemon, cream, white wine and thyme sauce
Fries and Gravy †9
Hand cut fries with gravy and melted cow’s milk cheese curd
Keystone Dog12add fries 3
Locally made pork sausage served in a crusty baguette, topped with a mustard and pickle relish, gherkin and jalapeño salsa and tomato sauce


Each platter serves 6-8 people

Olives, artichokes, deli meats, duck liver parfait, blue cheese pâté, salmon ceviche, bruschetta
Patatas bravas, garlic bread, Kansas City ribs, smoked fish croquettes, crispy fried chicken, steamed mussels