Keystone • Bar Snacks - Hamilton's Only Monteith's Craft Bar in Hamilton, NZ.

Keystone - The Craft of Great Hospitality

Key: * Vegetarian † Gluten Free ˚ Dairy Free (on request)


Crinkle Cut Fries - gf / df 9
Sprinkled with sage salt and served with mayonnaise
Patatas Bravas - gf / df 8
Crispy potato cubes covered in aioli and red pepper sauce
Garlic Bread - vege 12
Freshly baked ciabatta with garlic, sage and mozzarella butter
Keystone Fried Chicken 15
Crispy southern style fried chicken pieces served with kimchi mayo
Hereford Beef Sliders 16
Three local beef patties served with sweet black pepper onions and blue cheese sauce


Your choice of two or more of the following options served
with grilled bread (gluten free available) and house pickles

two for 24
for each extra dish add 10

Prosciutto di Parma (dry cured Spanish ham) gf / df
Duck Rillettes with remoulade gf
Chicken Liver Pâté with rosemary & cinnamon quince paste gf
Kaimai Venison Pepperoni with spicy beetroot relish gf / df
King Salmon cured in gin and red cabbage, radish, dill gf / df
Pepperdews stuffed with cream cheese gf
Marinated Olives in citrus, herbs and sweet white garlic gf / df
Carrot Hummus with harissa, macadamia and chia dukkah gf / df

Whitestone Blue with Barnes bees honey nz
Meyer Cumin Gouda with dried fruit jam waikato
Pico ripened goats cheese france
Over The Moon OMG Triple Cream Brie waikato
Buffalo Mozzarella with sea salt, Whangape grove olive oil